Thursday, June 09, 2011

Extra Ordinary Wedding

If you want to have a great, different, special and unforgettable wedding. I know a great place to go. Indonesia... yeeessss that the best place in the world and un forgettable with the views you never can imagine, the food, the people, the nature and the important thing is the culture.

Bali... You already know about Bali right? I am not going to tell about wedding in Bali, cause it’s to many information you can have from the internet.

What I want to tell you now is the weeding you never imagine before. Doing you paw in front of the tree house in the forest... or while you are about to bungi jumping or in the raft while you are rafting, in the mountain, valley or even inside the river boat. It’s an adventure wedding... Isn’t it great right?

We arranged about the unordinary wedding around Indonesia. Underwater wedding, up in the top of the mountain, in the Delman (the traditional cart wich pull bye a horse), old buildings, forest, even in the small-unoccupied island in Papua... It’s so romantic... your feed touching a clean white sand with the sea wave sometime comes to say hello to your feed fingers...

The food are fish fresh from the ocean, with the young coconuts you take yourself from the trees, enjoying the ocean water after your paw and swimming there would be very exciting experience for your wedding.

I am selling package of Extra Ordinary Wedding. The packages available by request.
If you interesting, you can sent me an email to and I will help you about your dream wedding as you like, or giving you the ideas about extraordinary wedding you never think before.