Thursday, October 02, 2008

Happy Idl Fitr and will be Wedding Season After That

The Wedding Planners Wish you "Happy Idl Fitr" for Muslin TWP-ers...

Hope every sin gone with the Ramadhan and our fasting program...

The event of Idl Fitr in Indonesia is a very Huge Event, Everybody going back to their village where their parents live. So when this happen, Jakarta as a capital of Indonesia and the most crowded city in the world, looks like a dead city.

So If you want to taste Jakarta without traffic jam, come to Indonesia when Idl Fitr...

But don't try to come to city like West Java (Bandung), Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Palembang, Padang or other muslim city in Indonesia at this time, coz you will just see the traffic jam around the city.

The people also love to come to the zoo, park or other Public Place to hang out, or go the market to buy toys for the children.

After Idl Fitr, most of the moslim getting married. So for European they have 4 seasons in a year, in Indonesia you will find 4 seasons too, Rain season, Dry season, Durian season (fruit of Asia) and Getting Married Season, wich is after the Idl Fitr event. LoL

If you want to see the wedding ceremony of most Indonesian when they get married, come after Idl Fitr event. You will find the sign in front of the building or gangway what we call it (Janur Kuning), wich is made by the young coconut leaves crafted and hang with a lot of bananas. That the sign for the inviter to ease them to find where the wedding ceremony is.

The Wedding usualy done with one habit. The bride and groom seating in chairs with their parents besides them, then the inviter coming, congratulate the bride and groom for a happy married, then the inviter taste the food, seating a little bit, then go home. Its so formal...
Even the bride and groom couldn't talk to their friends, they just seating or standing in a podium watching and watched by the inviter.

But before the wedding ceremony, they have tradition to do, like "Sungkeman" means the bride and groom have to ask forgiveness from their parent and ask for blessing from them. And offcourse the other traditions they have to do days before the wedding.

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