Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Creating a Terrific Wedding Website for friends and family

Are you about to get married or engaged? Well, it is only fair to tell you the latest and hottest trend on the Internet then. Creating a wedding website using a template. Yes, that is right people are going crazy about adding personal websites to the Internet. As people live increasingly further distances from each other one way to stay in touch is with pictures, email, and websites. Therefore using a wedding website template to create a website about your wedding has become very popular on the Internet.

For example my wife if from Japan and all of her family still lives there. So when we got married we had a dual marriage. We got married for the first time in Japan and the second time here in the United States. Well, obviously at both wedding there were some people that couldn?t make it that really wanted to be there. My friends all wanted to come to my wedding in Japan but the $800.00 plane ticket made it kind of impossible. Therefore we decided to put up a website about our wedding.

We put up the site a few months before we got married in Japan and then updated it after our first wedding ceremony and then a second time when we had the ceremony here in the United States. This allowed people on both sides of the world to feel like they participated in the ceremony.

So I bet you are probably interested now! It was really fun for us and a lot of people went to our site and wrote sweet comments and sent email and even sent in some of the pictures that they took at our wedding ceremonies.Well, it is really easy to get started. It is pretty expensive to hire a wedding website designer. Yes, they have website designers that specialize in wedding websites. However you will pay at least 250 to 1,000 to have a designer create a website for you. For us that was out of the question because we were pretty strapped for cash as it was and I am sure many young couple about to get married feel the same way. So I purchased a wedding website template and simply adding the content and our site was all ready to go.

So after you purchase the template you will need to add the content. You will need some type of html editor to do this. The one that I used was called Coffee Cup HTML editor I think but you can find a lot of free html editors online.Some things that you might want to include in your wedding website would be:
1. Date, location, and time of ceremony
2. Pictures of you and your husband (include some fun casual pictures)
3. A list of places where you have registered
4. Include your email addresses for people to send you email
5. You might even want to sign up for a free blog so you can type out all of your hopes and fears leading up to the wedding in your blog. You can get a free blog from Blogger.
6. Calendar of events (include: dress rehearsal, any special dinners, receptions and etc.)
7. An extensive photo gallery. This is the best part of the website I think. You will want to include a ton of pictures of the actual wedding. It is real fun to have an area where people can submit there own photos also.
8. Scan in a copy of the wedding invitation and wedding program.

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Chris Ryerson the webmaster of Crown Template and other websites wrote this article. To find out more about website promotion, free webmaster tools andwedding website templates check out Crown Templates.

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