Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wedding Advanture in a forest area

If you want to have a great, different, special and unforgetable wedding. I have a great place to go. Indonesia... yeeessss that the best place in the world and unforgetable.

Bali... You already know about Bali right? I am not going to tell about wedding in Bali, cause its to many information you can have from the internet.

What I want to tell you now is the wedding you never imagine before. Doing your pow in front of the tree house in the forest... or while your are just about to bungi jumping or in the raft while you are rafting

That could be amazing doing something really unordinary. It will be your great great memories forever, wonderfull things to remmember. You can tell your kids about the unordinary wedding you had, or you can tell your grand son later.

I can help you in arranging the unordinary wedding in Indonesia, because I live there and I know everything around my country. Who I should contact, where I should go or how I should do. If you interesnted in this kind of wedding, or you just like the traditional Indonesian kind of wedding, which part of Indonesian Island that you want to use as your wedding dress. I can help with it. Just send me email to therrybo@yahoo.com.
I will give you the best that you can have here in my country.

Well I hope I will receive your emails and I cant wait to arrange the best wedding ever....

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