Monday, November 07, 2011

Why Spend So Much Money On the Wedding Party

Think big. That's the most important things over all. Why should spend so much money on a wedding party, while you will need more money after the wedding to continue your married life.

Sometime I can't understand people specially the celebrities that always spend millions of their money on a fairy tail wedding. In the other side a lots of people even don't have the food for eat, or a place to live. It isn't fair. The fairy tail or luxurious wedding never give you guaranty that your wedding will be last forever, right? The most important thing is how you run your life after the wedding. I've seen the people who spent millions of money on their wedding, but after a year, or few months sometimes, they got divorced. How silly to spending your money for nothing, just for a prestige maybe...

It's better to do something with thinking of the others which has nothing at all. Share is great and make everybody happy. It's not the money or anything you have in your life, but it's everything that you have done to make other peoples happy, then the happiness will knock on your door. That is the essential of this life.

Be wise and get married in the simple way without spending to much money maybe will save your love life after the wedding. Even you are the rich people, think of others who doesn't have money as much as you have. If you have budget to get married, try to cut in half, then give the half budget to the poor people. To help them get the better live, better food, better house, etc.

Are you with me on this? Lets be not egois and responsible with the people around us. Helping is everything, helping is powerfull. Try it

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