Sunday, September 28, 2008

Unique Wedding Ideas

Everybody must think about how the weddings gonna be. And everyone must dream about Unique Wedding that nobody will have the same wedding as they are. But how to have that kind of Unique Wedding. Here are some ideas that might help you decided to make your own Unique Wedding Ceremony:

  • First, think about something UNUSUAL. If you think about having your wedding in a curch in front of a lot of people just like everybody, forget about Unique Wedding. You must think of other place like forest, old house, custil etc.
  • Never think of Roses or Lily for the flower. Think of forest flower, or Wild flower that you can string up to become something really beautifull.
  • Think of Torch instead of candle.
  • Change the wedding cake with combinations of fruit and vegetable. Specially for vegetarians, they will appreciate this kind of wedding cake.
  • Try suiting rather then paper for your wedding invitations. Such as miniatur of your clothes with word about the invitations. Or on a T-shirt with your picture with date and place of the wedding.
  • Try specific menus for your wedding ceremony. Like Indian food, or Japanese food, or Indonesian food.
  • Choose other countries or other theme wedding dress. For example wedding dress from Java, Bali, Maroko, Japan or like Cinderella cloth, Shrek Clothes etc. This ideas could give you the different ambience of a wedding.
  • Last one, manage the ceremony just like you want. If you choose to be a Cinderella, don’t forget the Cinderella’s Wagon, with of course with line of ladies in waiting and Cinderella’s decoration.

Then I guaranty that you will have the Unique Wedding that every guess never forget.

Written by Theresia-The Wedding Planner

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