Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who’s Gonna Pay the Wedding?

Well well… this question is really come up in our head but really difficult to find a way to talk about it in the first place.

Don’t be afraid…
First that you have to know is how well you know your partner? You’ve just met then think about a wedding? Or you have ran the relationship over years?

I will tell you about culture in some country.

If you are European
Ask your partner politely when you have a tea break in a sunny day weekend. So you can talk almost about anything to your partner, just find the right time in the right place, because this subject is a little bit sensitive.

If you are Asian
Usually for Asian, they have culture that the men are gonna pay all of the wedding cost, but in this modern era, some of the Asian concern about paying that together. If you deal with the conservative Asian family, you have to prepare paying all the cost.

If you are American
American are very open, and they can talk about anything, anytime, anyplace (even in the bathroom) without worrying they will hurts their partner. This topic didn’t scare American, and for most American dividing all the cost all together.

If you are African
African is very complicated, but I could summarize that the African Groom almost pay for everything, but then the wives doesn’t have their right as the wives in other continent have.

If you are Australian
You have no problem to communicate the cost of the wedding to your partner. As American, they are very open. Mostly Australian also pays the cost together.

If you are Japanese
Japanese people are like conservative people, they still hold the tradition so tight. The culture says the groom should pay all the cost

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